Green Sports Alliance

The Anaheim Ducks Hockey Club and Honda Center are a member of the Green Sports Alliance and committed to the Green Sports movement through the ongoing environmental and sustainable efforts:

-Honda Center's energy initiatives are support by Bloom Energy
-Bloom Energy is a fuel cell project that generates power through a clean and efficient electrochemical process providing more than half of the power required each year by the venue
-The Bloom Boxes will generate 80% of the venue’s base load power and 25% during a Ducks game or concert
-On average, the project will allow the venue to offset 2 million pounds of CO2 annually
-After events and non-events our (2) two large video boards attached to Honda Center are turned off
-LED throughout the building is on the horizon

-We have worked diligently on our water conservation efforts for a number of years and will continue to monitor the situation to be prepared to take even further action if necessary
-All three on-site full-service restaurants (Standing ‘O’, The Grand Terrace & Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Club) have moved to pouring water only upon request and offer smaller eight ounce water cups to reduce waste
-All concession stands have discontinued the practice of using hot water to melt unused event-related ice
-Replaced water-based sanitizing solutions with anti-bacterial wipes for post-event concession stand cleanup
-Using strategic watering cycles, we have reduced landscaping water usage by 33%.
-Working with our landscaping partner, we have introduced a significant number of drought tolerant plant varieties in our on-site planters and flower beds.
-Have reduced pressure wash cleaning of venue exterior by 50 percent.
-Installed drip irrigation systems in all on-site tree wells
-All public restrooms utilize auto-sensor faucets and all locker rooms are equipped with reduced-flow shower heads
-The Ducks & Honda Center were among the first NHL teams/arenas to join the NHL’s Gallons for Goals program, which raises consciousness about water scarcity issues and encourages water conservation to fans, players and employees. As part of that program, the Ducks & Honda Center use comparative metrics gathered from arenas across North America to identify areas and practices that lesson water usage on an ongoing basis

-Recycling of bottles and cans extracted at the point of guest purchase from all food and beverage bar locations
-Cardboard, plastic, paper, event banners and lighting are also recycled

-Donation of all food items that are safe to distribute following each event;  these items are collected by Food Finders who ensure they are provided to members of the community in need
-Source from local sustainable vendors, farms and ranches as much as possible for proteins, produce, meat, etc.
-Use bulk condiment stations to reduce waste

-Utilize compostable plates, trays, bowls, napkins (also recycled), forks, knives and spoons throughout concessions, in-seat, suite and a majority of catering operations

-Internally the organization supports health and wellness for staff with different programs and activities